First devblog,

Guess i'll be transitioning the forum posts here. ;)

Right now I'm doing a little refactoring becuase as I've been scalling up the maps to achieve 400x400 (160K objects) I've noticed a lot of unity lag. Trying to work through that but the first scenerio I'm working on is a normandy scenario to show off the games chops.

5/12/2017 - Version 0.4062

We have the label painting system working properly now. You can pick any color, size, top/bottom of the hex, and if you want the label to overdraw the hex or not.

5/16/2017 - Version 0.4063

  • Native File Browser for windows (Still buggy on mac)
  • Changed plains landscape tiles
  • Meshes are now combined on the maps to improve performance on large maps > 150x150 (Old Fps 100 due to drops from the water meshes, now as combined mesh the FPS doubled.)
  • Labels working properly, can use any size, font, color, or top/bottom of the hex placement
  • Labels & maps can be serialized and saved then rebuild now.
  • Added map height & width to the serialized map data so that we can properly rebuild the grid


abe-wargame-windows-nightly (185 MB)
25 days ago (181 MB)
Version 0.4063 12 days ago

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