• Updates
  • Update to Unity 2017B8
  • Added a screenshot maker when you create a map with the editor
  • Update to latest version of Odin Inspector
  • Added Save/Load of counters along with maps now.
  • Counters are saved as an external json file so they can be modded or examined.
  • City Painting working in the editor properly
  • Added HedgeRow Terrain
  • Size/color of fonts are now saved with maps as well
  • Changes
  • Converted Spawn units to call one master function for ease of use
  • Converted Spawn LocationTypes to call one master function for ease of use
  • Removed unused example files
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed marking hexes as occupied after a battle if the enemy retreats/destroyed.
  • Reenabled the SpritePacker after unity fixed the CTD Bug
  • Removed T1 Supply check because it was happening before the map was properly instantiated

5/16/2017 - Version 0.4063

  • Native File Browser for windows (Still buggy on mac)
  • Changed plains landscape tiles
  • Meshes are now combined on the maps to improve performance on large maps > 150x150 (Old Fps 100 due to drops from the water meshes, now as combined mesh the FPS doubled.)
  • Labels working properly, can use any size, font, color, or top/bottom of the hex placement
  • Labels & maps can be serialized and saved then rebuild now.
  • Added map height & width to the serialized map data so that we can properly rebuild the grid

5/12/2017 - Version 0.4062

We have the label painting system working properly now. You can pick any color, size, top/bottom of the hex, and if you want the label to overdraw the hex or not.

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Version 0.4076 Jun 10, 2017

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