v0.4081 update


  •  - UnitType now modifies MP allowance
  •  - Combat now costs MP to attack/join attack
  •  - Added GetHex() to counters so you can get back the current cell of a unit
  •  - Added RemoveUnit to cells that will let you remove something from a cell
  •  - Added ability to return a loctypes sprite
  •  - Added the ability to update loctype image of a hex
  •  - Changes from 1 to 5 levels of city so that you can show multiple things from a village to a capital.

 - With multiple units in a hex you can now click to go through all of them,
  changed from raycasting to which unit was picked to just determining what hex you're over by your mouse position.
 - On counter creation it will make sure it's added to the current cell.
 - Unified unit creation under 1 function from all places in code
 - Counter cruft cleanup

Bug Fixes
- When a unit moves make sure we remove it from the old hex
- Fixed the build settings so they properly connect with the debugger, thanks unity QA team!


abe-wargame-windows-beta.zip 190 MB
Version 0.4081 Jun 18, 2017

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