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EARLY DEVELOPMENT - This game is in early development, if you're a strategy warmgamer who's played all the classics, TOAW, WITE, WIR, ATG, etc you'll know the type of game this should be. Your feedback is crucial to helping make sure we are on a good path. Thanks so much for your time and help. I appreciate it.

ABE WarGame provides you a strategy engine that will allow you to play out all the great strategic situations your mind can come up with. One of our favorite quotes is "Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics."

Building off a lifetime of hex based warfare/strategy games, both board and computer, we've decided to put together a sandbox that allows you to live out some of the most interesting periods of human history. From the ground up we've designed also towards modders and tinkerers who want to build their own scenarios, make their own assets and design their own systems.

The game systems will include but not be limited to:

Campaigns based around WWII, alternate history, are included
A hex based map that board gamers of all stripes will be familiar with.
A card based system to allow dynamic events and actions to unfold on the regimes in your scenarios.
Units are based on a regimental system to be able to quickly mix/match/design your own perfect units.
Flexible and robust engine - The ABE Wargame engine is able of modeling many types of warfare including concepts that have not even been thought of at this time.
Advanced Editor - The editor is designed from the ground up to be able to tweak major portions of the game to suit your desired feel/art style. The system is also designed to keep it from being a clickfest and allow you to quickly work through complex systems.
Diplomacy - No strategy engine would be complete without a diplomacy system to allow you to work with or against other players, by sharing territory, bases and resources.
Random Game Modes - Maps will be generated with random biomes using a procedural algorithm to design maps that feel natural and give you plenty of options for strategies, ample chokepoints, area to maneuver, etc. All of these values can also be tweaked before starting your campaign.
PBEM support for multiplayer


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